Ramone Echols

Success Is The Best Revenge

So , I was doing some thinking about the people who I’ll be dealing with when I get home , and it made me think about the people that played me to the left while I been in here . So yesterday I holla’d at my ex-wife / baby momma , and I just had to ruin her day ( LMFAO ) . I only did it because I don’t plan on speaking to her again before I get out , and when I do see her I’ll be shining . It’s funny to me that her , and a few other females I was messing with when I got locked up are worse off with the n!99@’$ they chose over the years than they would’ve been if they would’ve just rode it out with me . The coldest part about it is , they really think that I would really want to be with any of their stanking @$$e$ when I get home ( LMFAO ) !!! FOR REAL !!! Let me give you the stats on the kids real quick. One had six , one had three , and that’s the one I was married to . Another one had three , and one had two . The one with the two is the one that kept it all the way 110% with me . She got down in the ” trenches ” with me for 14 years straight , and 11 1/2 of them was my first 11 1/2 in prison . She went and got married , but we talked about it before she did it and I gave her my blessings . She came back around after two years , and this time I was the other man . I also gave her my blessings for her divorce too ( lol ) . He wasn’t me , so it didn’t quite work out . We still friends , but them other ones . I hope they keep some tissue close by cause I’m sh!tt!ng on them when I touch down . It’s some real MF in this situation , but females tend to let that itch down south make them think that a real MF locked up can’t do nothing for them . While the n!99@’$ they shake us for don’t do nothing but beat them for their puss , beat them for their purse , beat their @$$e$ , and f*ck up their credit . Then they think a real MF want to come home to a b!tch with all that baggage , and wear & tear . FOR REAL !! I’m not going home to nothing I had before I came in !!!! I’m not even going to make them think I’m going to downgrade , cause that’s exactly what I’ll be doing . With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this . SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE . SH!T ON THEM !!!!.. HA

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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