Jarvais Warren

12th Woman


Woman rule the world.

Did you know that?

Yeah that might have males angry and shaking their heads.

But hear me out, I came to this conclusion (which is fact) while watching animals in the wild and on t.v.

Mostly birds.

Have you ever noticed that the male birds are all pretty like?

Ex.- The male duck’s head is a shiny green, the female is a dull brown. I use to think the boys were the brown ones.

Then I just saw this animal show on t.v. and it had this really pretty male bird. It looked like its eyebrows were dyed yellow. And it did a little dance to get the females attention (the female was a dull color), which was paying very little attention to him.

So even the animal kingdom knows. The male has adapted to cater to the female. And I wonder why the female doesnt need these fancy “look at me” colors? Hmmmmm?

This one time, I had about 7 praying mantis.

My friend was like “The green one is the girl”

Even though I didn’t know, I say “No, the brown one is the girl.”

I wake up one morning to them……”get’n freaky”

Guess which one was eating the others head.

If you don’t know, during mating, the female mantis turns around and starts eating the males head.
So I started thinking, all these sports teams never cater to women! My girl loooves the Steelers, but she cant go get a black and pink Steelers shirt. So thats when I decided to make the 12th woman. For the female Seahawk fan. I also made little “12” earrings. I really liked it when I made it because it reminded me of candy and I was hungry.


Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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