Jarvais Warren

This one time, at prison camp- Sip’n out my soapdish!

There’s always a memory I take from my stay at Shelton. Last time I passed through it was the memory of my celly Buba. He was tellin me how this guy was gonna pay him to climb a telephone pole and grab the baby Eagles out the nest. :/ lol he made it a 3rd of the way then fell. He was a funny guy.
This time it was what happen when faced with coffee to drink, but nothin to drink it out of but a soapdish or paper folded in a cone shape.
Now if you are saying “Why not just wait until u get a cup?” Then I must laugh at you because you sir or mam, don’t be understandin the many reasons why that is sooo funny to me.

So, being the quick witted fellow I claim to be, I choose the soapdish! a container for soap+container that carries soap is clean=coffee cup

It had a crack in it, so I had to tilt it to the side away from the crack while I mixed it with my finger.

It taste like soap

That memory will stick with me for a long time. I shoulda used my chip bag now that I think about it.

Now my prison move is all done and Im at good ole Cedar Creek Camp.

The ride was short and I got to have a seat to myself again. Didn’t tick or twitch this time. I gave them the “I just came from prison” look. If you want to learn the prison look you gotta watch “The new guy”.
So I get here and this was not at all what I expected. The place looks like apartments. I can’t have my t.v. but it doesn’t really bother me because I’ve stayed busy since the first day I got here. I’ve already finished a grizzly bear for this years pow wow. And Im almost done with my “stock option” book. And its only been 5days that Ive been here.
But I did’t realize how low I am on beads, so I have to figure a way to buy more.

And then theres the dorms….

There is 2 man cells, 3 man dorms, 4 man dorms, and 8 man dorms!

Can you guess which one Im in??

The 8man dorm isn’t that bad either. I have decent cellmates and thats hard when you have 7 roomates. Its quiet, I mean there isn’t too many perks of the dorm other than…….. No, there isn’t any. Not bad though. On the plus side I get to talk to Wifey until 1am!

But then, on the very minus side, they are going to make me go plant trees. And its almost fire season, which means we go fight fires for 5-16 days at a time. No communication. So we aren’t to happy about that.

In conclusion, as I think back to my “pros and cons of camp”. I realize that even the one “pro” I found turned out to be a CON. I have a couple weeks before fire season, so I’ll have to make the best of them.

If you would have told me 3 yrs ago I’d be a fire fighting beader. I would have told you to make like a tree, and get the hell out my face!

Jarvais Warren

[Stock thought- Ambarella makes chips for digital cameras (like gopro) March 3rd it is expected to say that it earned 49 cent a share, thats an 88% more than last year. March 3rd should be a good day for them]

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