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Its me again and i am going to be getting at you on a different level this time and i am going to talk to you all about one of my most treasured scriptures from the ” HOLY BIBLE ” ;

Psalms 51 : 14 – 17

It says v.14 ” Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed , O God. The God of my salvation , and my tongue shall sing aloud of your righteousness.

v.15 ” O Lord , open my lips , and my mouth shall show forth your praise .

v.16 ” For you do not desire sacrifice or else i would give it ; you do not delight in burnt offering .

v.17 ” The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit , a broken and a contrite heart – These , O God , you will not despise .

To me these are some of the most powerful words in the bible , why ?

Well , in v.14 , it says to ” deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed ” , i feel this verse because of my crime . Even though this crime happened over 26 years ago , i still and most likely will always feel guilt over the innocent blood that i shed !

Can i be delivered from that ?

Is there forgiveness ?

Who can do this ?

The author David , who is know as a man after Gods own heart , is crying out because he orchestrasted the murder of an innocent man due to the desires of his flesh .

Bathsheba .

The wife of Uriah .

Back in 2009 , i had a spiritual experience . I ended up on my knees begging God to forgive me and to help me ! God did exactly what i asked of him , i got that forgiveness , and he made away for me to get out of this self – imposed hell called prison .

Forgiveness !

Salvation !

I know that through my faith , that i am forgiven . My tongue shall sing aloud of your righteousness ! God is good and i will use my mouth to tell the world how he has moved in my life .

Lord , open my lips ! When i am in conversation i will let whom ever i am talking to know how good God is . God doesnt want me to sacrifice anything , what he wants from me is to tell of him and his goodness.
If he wanted more from me , i would gladly do it .

Forgiveness .

He , God , wants us to come to him with all sincerity , a contrite heart , completely broken open , with no fight left .

Thats when we get to depend on him to see us through , its all honesty because you have nothing left of your fleshly nature .its all you .

I truely believe that when we open ourselves up like that , he , God , hears our cries and feels our tears ! what a awesome and wonderful God we serve .


Call on him with all sincerity !

That is all that im going to say on this subject for now and i hope that i have expressed my point of view on this scripture well enough to where someone may really feel me . If not , you already know .

As always , be safe out there . Until the next time .

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I dont need any money but i do need help from someone to copy all of the comments from my page and send it to me . I like to respond to all of the comments people may have , rather they be good or bad .

If you feel like you can help me , please do so . THANKS . SINCERLY . JAIMAR

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