Jeremiah Gilbert


Darkness cascades
Like water over falls
Settles in pool
Of existance
Only here is seen
The division
Walking barefoot
On smoldering embers
Of smokey soul
And yet hopeful
Find a flare
Lead me not
To soot filled chamber
Of a burnt humanity
Allow me to find
Dimly glowing pathway
To molten emotion
Raw and burning
Love, hate and humility
The division
Elements of life
The human condition
That elevates
Our animal existence
Primal instinct polished
Glazed eyes see within
Our safety net
The division
The cushion between
Highwire feats
Of flowing elation
And the downpour
Of tearstained devastation
Mind over matter
Primal instinct polished
Smoldering embers
Only seen here
The transformation
The division
Pupates into balance
Spreads wings of life
Humanity aflame
Lighting eyes that see
The before
The after
The division…

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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