Tag: prison

by Ronald Johnson

I at times wonder does the American people realize whats going inside the prison system and the Court rooms around the country? Do America thinks it isn’t any issues with the people who man prisons, if a Police offer lacks in common sence judgement who has been given […]

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MY BLOGGER BIO by Jacob Gamet

(*) = Details are noted in my blogs Born and raised in Yakima, Washington, and also raised in its “blink and they’re gone” surrounding towns (Wapato and Union Gap), my six brothers and I were taught the meaning of old-fashioned values–respect your elders, treat people right, revere God, […]

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I MOVED ON by Alan Thrower

By one god Moving forward I found myself reminiscing. old associates from the past, What a blast it was to remind the times so young and blind without any care in the world. the times we shared together are blurred now of memories that brought back feelings we’d […]

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