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Hello People

Steve Anderson here. I sincerly hope you all are enjoying the content of stone city blog. I thoroughly enjoy contributing, I have posted about 23 blog’s containing67 different topics over the past 2 month’s. Writing provide’s me an effective out. It’s very therapeutic for me, I enjoy contributing […]

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{*First Blog Post*}

Life Is A {*Directional Enterprise.*} Do You Know Which *Direction Your Life Is Going? Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “What Is It That I’m Really Wanting, Looking & Hoping For In Life?” Who Do You {*Consult With*} When You Reach A *Cross-Roads In That Process? Well, I’m Writing […]

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I recently started bloging. I started doing this as a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings.My buddy Steve Jennings told me about doing,the blogs. I wish to continue however these emails cost stamps. I could really use some help getting stamps if its possible. All […]

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