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Chapter 4

ANDY STOP F*CKING WITH THOSE HO’S I was twelve years old when i got my first twenty dollars, and that twenty dollars came from a prostitue name Tina that worked the strip of 12th and Yesler. Now Yesler avenue is a big ass hill that runs east to […]

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Any religious person who thinks that their religion is necessary for a good, civilized society, or that only belief in an ultimate judging deity leads to moral behavior, should check out Society Without God, by Phil Zuckerman. It’s a study of what are probably the two most atheistic […]

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There’s always the cliched expectation that religion can make a con’s life better. The first time I ever went to the Hole, shortly after I arrived in prison in 1997, it was exactly as I expected: a bare cell, metal toilet, mattress, and blanket, and you were there […]

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