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Thanks/Praise to God

©ELEVATE YOURSELF ABOVE THIS CAPTIVITY: Elevation…It’s all about: ELEVATION!!! ©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©• I’m here as an Iconoclast, to give a new life to & to propel a nation ©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©• A Nation that dwells in subjugation ©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©• Of Under-educated, immature humans, who stay searching for a way out ©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©•©• But the […]

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