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“The Tale Of Floydale” (Part 2)

These situations destroyed any dreams I had of becoming a success story from the streets, so I hardened my exterior enough to fake it and act like things were not so bad. I hid this truth from anyone who knew me, and anyone who tried to get close […]

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Companionship or Company

Since the debut of the Prison Wive’s Club, much controversy surrounds the topic of women who dare to build relationships with incarcerated men. Many facets of multi-media suggests that convicts are heartless, emotionless brutes with no care or concern for anyone but ourselves. This is simply not the […]

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Floydale Eckles

Hello to all! In greeting, I would like to extend best wishes to all for this holiday season. My name is Floydale Eckles, which I’m sure could be a topic of discussion in and of itself.(Smile) The short version…I am somewhat of a country boy, born and raised […]

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