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Hello Readers!

Do you know anyone who is incarcerated? Would they like to contribute to Inmate Blogger?

I welcome all writers, regardless of their writing experience. The topics that inmates choose to write about is entirely up to them (ex: prison life, society, relationships, law, poems, short stories, health, personal struggles, inner thoughts, religion, opinions, current events, etc.).

I currently accept blogs via and via email submissions.

Jpay Submissions:

If your incarcerated loved one has a JPay account…perfect! Simply have them send a JPay invite to After I receive their invite, I will email them an introduction letter.

If the JPay at your loved ones facility does not allow them to send out invites, then please email me (at your loved ones name, inmate number, and state so that I can add them to my JPay contact list. I will them send them an introduction letter.

Email Submissions:

If your loved one does not have a JPay account, they may have someone email their typed blogs to me at I will then post their writing on Inmate Blogger.

This service is free, however Donations are appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. I live in Scotland. So I’m the other
    side of the Atlantic. I think what you are doing is terrific. What I
    don’t quite understand, and perhaps you can explain it to me, is the
    security angle. Here in Britain prisoners aren’t allowed mobile phones
    and access to the internet is extremely restricted. Even hand-written
    letters in some jails are photocopied to avoid the psychotropic drug
    ‘spice’ getting into the prison soaked into the paper of the original
    missive. So, how do you’re prisoners post online?


    • Hello to you over in Scotland. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to write you back. Thank you for reaching out.

      Many prison facilities here is the US have an email software system called JPay ( It is specifically designed for prisoners, and it does not give them direct access to the internet. All their JPay emails are read and are then either approved or disapproved by prison officials.

      Inmates here in the US are not allowed mobile phones either.

      I currently accept typed blogs from inmates via JPay. Some inmates who do not have this email service available at their facility have someone send me their blogs to my email at

      The inmates do not actually post blogs online…I do that part. All their blogs get emailed to me, and then I post them here on my site.

      Hope this helped with your curiosity 🙂
      Have a lovely day.

      Suzie Jennings

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      • In response to o’donnelljack52, you say, “All their JPay emails are read and are then either approved or disapproved by prison officials.” Is there a similar process when you post e-mail submissions? If so, do you initiate that with prison officials or does the inmate need to do that. Thanks for giving people this voice.


        • Hi Monica. Yes, email submissions are either approved or disapproved. But they are mostly approved. No, I do not work with prison officials. Email submissions to InmateBlogger are not posted on this blog if the blog content is: erotic or sexual in nature, if there is an overwhelming amount of bad language, if there are any obvious threats, or for any other things where I might deem it inappropriate. I hope this answered your questions. Thanks for commenting. Have a good evening.


  2. I currently get notifications of blogs by several inmates. I would like to reduce this to just one in particular inmate. How can I make this change? Thanks for your reply.


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