Inmate Intro Letter


Welcome to Inmate Blogger, the worldwide leader in inmate blogging. Every time you send us a blog, we’ll post it on our website at: We are looking for writers like you to contribute.

Thousands of people from all over the world will read your blog. This is a great opportunity for you as the blogosphere offers endless possibilities. Some of our bloggers (guys just like you) have acquired meaningful relationships, financial support, and book publishing opportunities. All because they decided to share their mind, and their writing with the world.

We support & believe that writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing. Every person has a voice that deserves to be heard. We are offering you this platform. Blogging will allow you to build an interactive community around your writing.

The topics you choose to write about are entirely up to you (examples: prison life, society, violence, crime, relationships, love, family, poems, humor, short stories, baby mama drama, politics, laws, personal struggles, inner thoughts, inspiration, religion, or ANYTHING you want). There is no limit to the number of blogs you can submit. We welcome all writers, regardless of your writing experience.

Ready to get started? Here’s how: Submit an introduction letter via jpay. This letter should include your name, age, intake date, release date, and contact info (so readers can contact you if they want to start a conversation). After you submit your intro you can then blog about anything you’d like.

1) A title followed by your name. (example: TITLE OF BLOG by Jon Doe)
2) Your typed blog.
3) Your first/last name & your DOC # at the end.

*Have a catchy title.
*Make your opening line gripping & compelling.
*Write in blocks (observe the format of this email).
*An average blog ranges from 250-1500 words.
*Make a point, or offer a “moral of the story.”
*Engage your readers.

*JPay logins might be limited. You may send your blog in increments if you can’t finish it in one session. (please clearly label them: part 1, part 2, etc.)
*Please only submit one blog per email.
*Your blogs will not be edited. They will be posted exactly how we receive them.
*It’s free.

If you’d like to share this opportunity with others, please have them send a jpay invite to

Realize the power within your mind and let your voice be heard.


Suzie Jennings

PS – Invite your friends & family to follow you on so they can read your blog posts!


(The above letter is what we email to the inmates via JPay.)