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Into The Deep

Caught up in this wave, my arms are tired of paddling. It would be so easy to stop kicking and slip away. My head above the surface, my body full of pain. Crying out for someone, my heart feels the strain. The tide keeps pulling me under, I […]

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Late Introduction

My name is Zachary James Santos, and I was sentenced to 18 years- four months to serve in prison for murder in the second degree. This was in 2006. I was 19 years old at the time. Everything i post online are the stories, experiences, and thoughts i’ve […]

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Zachary James Santos

So, there is so many things to talk about on a platform such as this. But, this being a major outlet for all of us that are incarcerated, i want to just say that there is definitely a legacy of trauma that is being perpetuated within not only […]

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