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Great Rising, by Wendell Callahan

“Great Rising”! That’s what my mother always tells me. Instead of “Good Morning” because where is the good in ”mourn-ing”? Thru every storm there is glory. The shining sun Im adoring when it peaks thru the decor as my knees hit the floor I thank the Lord for […]

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Introduction Blog, by Wendell Callahan

Hello, My name is Wendell Callahan and I am currently incarcerated in an Ohio prison (Madison Correctional Institution). I am 39 years young and like many men in prison, I am fighting for my life trying to prove my innocence and take back my freedom. I was convicted […]

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Epidemic 2 Pandemic, by Wendell Callahan

Times have changed… We are living in the age of information yet these days have been plagued with the transformation of civilization. Controlled substances are patrolled by our so called government subdivisions made subsequent and they call this socialism. Families broken from social distances then they throw us […]

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