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“THE JOURNEY” by: Wayne Braddy

” LIFE…” is a JOURNEY ,yet some roads are SELDOM TRAVEL’D ,depending on the LIFE-STYLE in which YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE. One Avenue could possess Pot-Holes ,while another’s paved with Gold. MANEUVERABILITY IS KEY when behind the “WHEEL OF DESTINY!” At ALL X’z focusing on STAYING ALERT to […]

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Introducing Wayne Braddy

My name is Wayne Braddy, & i’m 39yrs. old. I’ll be turning 40yrs. old on March 23rd 2019. My intake date into ODRC was: 01/25/2000 ,& my 1st Parole Hearing date is scheduled for: 07/06/2022 Myself along with my family member & Co-Defendant (Karl Willis) are INNOCENT men, […]

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