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MY FIRST BOOK, by Walter West

This week I completed writing and editing the first book that i have ever wrote. the book is about me coming to prison at the age of 16 years old, being in general population with adults, transferring to Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola, and a rare glimpse at […]

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Lockdown Day 5, by Walter West

tues. Breakfast: cold pancakes w/syrup. Warm oatmeal, coffee, and cold milk. It’s too cold to be drinking anything that is cold. I got to remember to pray every morning. Usually I get up and read my Daily Bread along with Faith to Faith and the accompanying scriptures. You […]

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From Prisoner to Editor, by Walter West

Unbelievable! I just finished adding graphics to an article that highlights the success of students in Raymond Laborde Correction Center’s (RLCC) education program. It is great to be able to showcase the positive accomplishment of other prisoners who are trying to do something constructive with their lives. Yesterday, […]

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