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Bad Weather!!! (part 4), by Troy Simmons

Change has come now, I’m close to the ending, The rains are slowing and the clouds are thinning. The waters are receding and the worst is behind me, I’m just hoping that someone can find me. My village has been destroyed, the residents are gone, My throne has […]

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Beauty, by Troy Simmons

One day out of nowhere, Beauty apeared. Not only did I see it but, I met it and saw through it. And it was a mirror of the outside. I touched it, knew its scent and head its sounds. And one day, as if it were a vision […]

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Introducing Troy Simmons

My name is Mr. Troy Simmons and I am currently incarcerated at Marion Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio. As of March 25th, I am 47 years old. I began my imprisonment in June of 2000′ with a sentence of 15yrs to life. In 2015, I attended a board […]

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