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1986 By Trevor Booth

  The year that forever changed the Idaho system for the worse. Since 1986 Idaho has built multiple institutions and at the same time has had to send inmates out of state at least nine times due to being overcrowded. Thirty-two years of digression has created a system […]

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The Struggle By Trevor Booth

At the age of twenty I was a first time offender sentenced to a prison sentence of thirty to life. Seven years later it was overturned and is now twenty to life. I am a first time offender but I am the cause of another mans death. That’s […]

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Introducing Trevor Booth

Age-33 Intake-January 16th, 2005 Release-January 16th 2025 to Life I was a good kid. Traveled the country for leadership conferences, worked constantly since I can remember. Graduated early. Worked harder. Then got into hustling in the drug world. Hurt many people that deserve better. So unfortunately my life […]

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