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Fatherless Child, by Travis Tucker

Most importantly shout out to my babies,Though your damn near grown I will forever identify you as my fruit/seed’s..Deshawn,Keshawn,Keshawna,Travis!!!I use to hear the term dead beat daddy a lot add to that, that my pops was the exact manifestation of the word according to my mother as well […]

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Why I Be God! by Travis Tucker

by Alpha Omega Allah Peace! Breath,Try to relax and embrace my understanding of myself and natural law’s that keep everything in place…If you can give your mind a break from it’s taught way of thinking and open your mind to the possibilities of a limitless universe and mind […]

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Introducing Travis Tucker

My honorable name is Travis Sental Tucker,My incarceration begin Aug 17,2002.I was sentenced to serve 40 years(2037)in the VDOC For arm robbery and related offense’s for I’m ashamed to admit.I’m from Portsmouth Va,I’m a proud father to 4 kid’s 3 boys and a 1 girl.It was during a […]

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