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God…Luck…or a Coincidence, by Tony Lewis

I looked over at Ruga, my right hand man. ” I been thinkin. I think we outta chill, you know, find a church to go to…something.” Ruga gave me a look as he processed my tone. He knew, like I knew, what we were doing; And he damn […]

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An Article from The MR, by Tony Lewis

I titled this article An Excessive Settlement for A Duputy’s Excessive Force. As once said by thr character Smokey in the faously successful film Friday: ”Give me my mon-knee.” He looked excitedly anxious, to scoop up those dollars of that crap game. However, if you’ve seen the movie, […]

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Why? (An Excerpt), by Tony Lewis

Blog: This Book’s Synopsis: Tony Tremayne Lewis was nineteen, and handsome. He had the potential of flourishing in the branch of military, but after mulitiple charges of several sexual assualts came crashing down, many who knew him looked in, from the outside, wondering one thing…WHY? This book, will […]

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