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A Thug’s Philosophy by Tony Lewis

Today I realized something. Beauty really isnt everything. And folks, when I say ‘everything’ Im referring to everything which is required to build a strong and solidifed foundation; the type of foundation that supports years of intimate commitment. As should be the case, the type of relationship everybody […]

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Introducing Tony Lewis

First and foremost I would like to take this time to express my appreciation for the oppurtunity to use as a platform to touch the masses with my gift. I come through, to post authenticity of life through the eyes of the condemned, the misunderstood, and […]

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A beauty so beautiful it could make a atheist believe. And thou not everyone thinks of her beauty to that degree But that beauty to that degree, is what she sees…in me. Beauty. From the mind of Tony Lewis# 98308 Tony Lewis DOC #98308

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