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Run away thoughts By Tommy Stofanik

I have a hard time dealing with everything here in prison. Everthing from work to sleeping arangments all the way to how this place works.. How can people treat one another like they’re animals. Like we are nothing they dont give any credit where credit is due.. Its […]

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Another day By Tommy Stofanik

My daily life is constantly repeating… nothing ever changes except the drama. People seem to thrive on drama inside and outside of prison. I thought females (no offence ladies) loved drama more than men but being somewhere where there are no females showed me that that thought was […]

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Introducing Tommy J. Stofanik

Hello, My name is Tommy & I am currently incarcerated in Kansas state prison. I am origanly from Arizona with 2 boys who are my main priority. I am a Taurus & concider myself to be an easy going guy. I’m told im also an approachable person and […]

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