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It Was In You, by Taran Helms

Count the raindrops it took to fill the sea… Or find the ground without roots that produced a tree… Specify how many grains of sand their is on a beach…. Then tell me something anyone knows, that was learned by someone or something that didn’t teach… The impossible […]

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Dead Man Walking, by Taran Helms

Please either close the casket, or realize that I’m alive. Asking for my freedom, but praying for my demise Standing in my corner but rooting for my opponent Praising my growth, but never truly accepting my atonement.. My plate is SO full I’ve lost my appetite…. Amazing how […]

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Hello Suzie First off, thank you for contacting me because what your doing I feel is definetly helpful towards the true rehabilitation of those trying to actually rehabilitate in here. But as you know my name is Taran Helms, I am 32 years of age. I’ve been incarserated […]

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