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2020 Vision, by Steve Nall

Accountability What we are seeing all across the United States especially in Atlanta Georgia, with the resignation of Chief Shield, and in Minneapolis, with the arrest of the officers in the murder of George Floyd, is called accountability. With the influx of videos via phones and body cams […]

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Lonely, by Steven Nall

Lonely is a friend and a common companion. He’s here for me constantly, he always has my back. Where others get distracted, he’s loyal to a fault. He follows me around the Penitentiary no matter where I go. Even when the Cop’s cuff and throw me in the […]

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by Steven Nall

I was 19 years old and I had just been released for Solitary Confinement aka The Hole. I’d been in their since I was 16, with only a few days in Population here and there. I walked into the Chow Hall, it was Chicken on the Bone for […]

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