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A MAGIC BULLET, by Sean K Lancaster

Insane: Mentally ill. Deranged disturbed. Immoderate wild: insane jealousy. Very foolish absurd:  How do we stop the insanity in our world? There are so many level of this insanity that I speak of, from the most brutal, to the mundanely mindlessness of humanity willful blindness, or just an […]

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Brain Storm For The Day, by Sean Lancaster

My life is, love, faith, fun, fear, pain, beauty, fearless, restless, contemptuous, slanderous, fake, true, tender, painless, perpetual, stark,  furious, faceless, harmless, dangerous, damming, free, craving, caring,  loving, yearning, longing, selfless, selfish, powerful, powerless,  pondering, jesting, laughing, lying, cheating, triumphant, serious,  frivolous, important, improper, immoral, tender, soft, hard,  […]

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