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by Scott Mitchell

I love you Lisa. I always have and I always will. I am sorry for not knowing how to be the boyfriend that you wanted and needed. I tried to do as you asked and not call as much, but it was just sssooo hard for me to […]

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BYE, by Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell A636258 PO Box 901 Leavittsburgh, OH. 44430 I am just about done with people and relationships. I don’t, and can’t, understand why people always have to shit on the one person who truly loves them and is really good to them. Why do people always give […]

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WHY, by Scott Mitchell

It’s another lonely weekend that I want to call her, but I can’t. Why? Why do all of these other guys get to feel loved, missed, and wanted, but not me? Why can’t I call her? She say’s that she’s spending the weekend with her kids and since […]

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