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SEVEN, by Rudy Carrillo

I’m blind with my eyes. I see with my heart. I see who’s real or just playing the part. So many actors trying for the Emmys or Tonys, All chameleons and myriads of phoneys. Why so critical? Well … Because if the world was a stage, I’d be […]

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FIVE, by Rudy Carrillo

It’s a vicious deep cut when I feel valued so low. Coldness Hatred is what the world shows. I get on my knees, as my tears commence to flow. -Don’t feel unloved, my son, I hear a voice so gently and low. -For thirty pieces of silver, that’s […]

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ONE, by Rudy Carrillo

Life is a constant memory. It won’t let me forget about the love I cherished, the love that slipped away. Her memory lingers in the depth of my mind. I see her smiling face and my tears begin to fall. What a fool, such a fool, lost the […]

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