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Juvenile Offender Percy Jones

Juvenile Offender Percy Jones Considers the Ohio’s Criminal Justice System’s Failure to Give Second Chances to Juvenile Offenders My name is Percy Jones, and I’m 38-years-old. Currently I’m in prison, where I’ve been since I was 17 years old, due to a terrible mistake I made back then. […]

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by Percy Jones

Being Away Since I Were A Teen,Now I’m Almost 43 Years Old…. I Have Grown Into Something That I Never Thought I Would…. My Take(Perspective) On Life,And The World Has Evolved With My Age… Once I Had Gotten A True Understanding Of Things, My Mind Just Blossomed Into […]

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Change, by Percy Jones

Change comes with effort and ambition..we have to seek,and become the change that we desire in our lives.. Breaking down the cause and effect of why we have not evolved in our lives… sometimes the change is sudden and profound…we have to not make excues,and give up on […]

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