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How Prisons Are Jeopardising the “One Person One Vote,” constitutional right… also know as Prison Based Gerrymandering” by Paul Stotts

I’ve recently been researching voting rights and political activity that has to do with felons and the prison system. In doing research, I ran across an intereting concept that seems to be effecting much of America. Kansas and the prison district that represents my census count is actually […]

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“Relentless Prison Ministries hosts a two day, all day even. We have a donated cow, and three guests that have traveled from the Twin Cities, MN to Kansas to spend time and share music with us.” By Paul Stotts

Today, Wednesday Aug. 9th, A staff member named Cody Carter, who has started his own prison ministry project called “Relentless,” hosted the first day of a two day, all day event. We started at about 8am and ended just before 2:30pm count time. The event is a quarterly […]

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“Secrets of a great marketer… a humor filled story of how one women marketed her puppies and how Saidy ended up all mine” By Paul Stotts

I’ve recently been taking a college Business class from Adams State University out of Colorado. The school has a prison based study program that is excellent for individuals like myself continuing education in prison. I’ve been studying some of the most important marketing type techniques to date. Marketing, […]

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