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Real friends by Mordecai black

real friends comes once in a life time ,that must be true because I still haven’t found mine,people say their there for you until they’ve used you up,you feel like ” put my trust in a Person for what”?, a real friend will treat you something like me […]

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talk to much by Mordecia black

if you just shut up I will give you the questions you ask, you wonder why your future is hunted by your past, you talk to much,every relationship you’ve been in never last long,I’m here to tell you the only thing ur doing wrong,you talk to much! if […]

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Introducing Mordecia Black

first off my name is,Mordecia black #723650 my contact info is, Mordecia black # 723650,L.e.c.I,p.o.box56,lebanon ,ohio 45236, I’ve been locked up since,7-15-15 , my release date is 1-5-25 at this time,I’m 31 years old my birth date is 1-21-87, a little about me is family and God is […]

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