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When i was a kid i was raised in a house where my mom and stepdad both used drugs. From my earlyest memory i remember my parents smoking weed. I remember asking what they were doing and what it was like. They offered me some and thought it […]

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Why do black people have such an additude when a white person says nigga? If it is a disrespectful word for a white person to say than isnt it disrespcectful for him to have to hear it ALL the time? Im a white male in prison and ive […]

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Mike Lindsey

HELLO WORLD!! My name is Mike Lindsey, im a 31 year old white male. Im 5’10” blue eyes, brown hair. 205lb. I am convicted of 2nd degree Murder and i am serving a 19 year sentence. Ive been locked up for 10 years now and i have 8 […]

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