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Rampant Thoughts, by Micheal Roston

Within a placement of thoughts. It verify’s a high rise settlement. Indeed ofrmulation whirl whip entertainment adjustments. Mind, mind, stop run heart rate at a million and one. Blink, blink breath taking ink master. Rampent con over thoughts climax 7 abstract levels of conscious. For bidden by trails […]

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Poem. by Micheal Roston

The Rebirth Of A Broken Heart! I am a soul of polestar. i advance freely at will, with much intellect. Not long ago “my heart,” “my heart” got slit in half slightly hanging on by its threads. The ones, I regard encourage the pain which my tears drops […]

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Introducing Micheal Roston

My name is Miheal Roston. AKA “Suicide.” Ha! Ha! Born and raise in kansas city, kansas. I am outgoing and stubborn. I guess that what balance me out as a scorpio. I have a Associate Degree in Massage Therapy and a Degree in Insurance Billing & Coding. I […]

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