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life is to short by Michael Thompson

is not life to short? i was thinking one day about a friends picture from when he died. and i ask my self what did he leave behind? and i ask my self that to better understand life, its purpose and its value. he left his beautiful family, […]

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by Michael Thompson

no matter the hardship that come your way stand tall and fight for what is just. note i did not say ”believe”, not all the time what we believe is just. evil forces wants for us to forget our morals and submit to its wishs, but we have […]

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”i am” by Michael Thompson

”i am” more then the physical or material things that was force on me. ”i am” my beliefs. ”i am” my thoughts. ”i am” my vision. ”i am” what makes me unique and special. ”i am” free from fear, free from insecurity,and free from fear of rejection. ”i […]

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