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Black, by Michael Price

I’m what everyone use to say was bad…I’m what most want to be…I’m what comes before the light…In fact if it wasn’t for me no one would have light…I’m what I was born to be…I’m what God said will be the best at all that is good be […]

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Like You, by Michael Price

Like you?!.That’s what started it all…I aspired to be like you and had all the ambition and drive to ball…then out of nowhere something clicked and things changed and I was inspired to Ball…Like you is what I should have pursued…but being young and dumb the money that […]

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Life, by Michael Price

When the judge struck that gavle and gave me life without parole/ I’ve been so determined ever since not to let these chains, walls, and razor wire fences capture my soul/When one looks at a person in my position you would say all he wants is his freedom […]

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