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week 2/ day 3 morning. What’s most impressive to me in the life of St Anthony is how his life displays for us, ever so elegantly, that to possess anything is to dispossess ourselves of the greatest treasure there is, which is Christ in us the hope of […]

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HEAR MY VOICE, by McQueen Varnes

Our thoughts are powerful and creative, for they create the voice of God within us, and so I would say God’s voice is most often internal. Today’s message is to: LISTEN TO YOUR INTERNAL VOICE OF GOD. However, we need to be careful who we share with. Because […]

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HELLO EVERYONE, by McQueen Varnes

Hello everyone, my name is McQueen. I sincerely look forward to sharing my spiritual journey with all of you. Despite my 43 year prison term, I am happy, joyful, optimistic, and full of love. Glory to God! I would love to create a powerful fellowship with YOU! Please […]

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