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The End of Times: Where Are We & Where Do We Go From Here, by Matthew Puccio

In Second Peter 3:7 we learn that this world will be consumed by the fire that is reserved for it. Then in Revelation 20:14,15 we learn that this fire is the fire of judgement that is reserved for Satan and his children. This fire will destroy body & […]

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Testimony, by Matthew Puccio

Before I came to prison and decided to follow God, I was a very evil person. I practiced a very dark form of Satanism for years without thought. I even ran from God when He tried to show me who He is. I dealt with heavy drug use […]

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What Is Salvation? by Matthew Puccio

In Hebrew salvation is written as yesha which means to be delivered, prosperity. To be redeemed by God. In Greek we see this same word as soteria which means rescue or safety. Deliverance, preservation, salvation. To be delivered from danger. In Latin this is salustis which is translated […]

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