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READ ME! by Matthew Epperson

Okay everyone, thank you so much for hanging out with me and being there over the course of the past year. Your words of encouragement and criticism have lifted me up and set me on a hopeful path. My gratitude for you all knows no bounds. Thank you […]

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Mandolin, by Matthew Epperson

My rhythm guitarist, Ranger, is working on a song for his grandmother, Norma Jean. It is simplistic in nature and revolves around three typical chords. It is meant for his grandmother, and the simplicity is meant to reflect Norma’s way of life. Ranger becomes giddy with excitement when […]

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Continuity by Matthew Epperson

It has been a hard week for writing. I’m getting distracted, I’m making juvenile mistakes, and I’m loathing the thought of sitting down and forcing myself to create. In other words: WORK SUCKS! In my first draft of Ruse of Discontent, I arrived at a point in the […]

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