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Healing Justice, by Marquette Boone

Healing justice to me is finding solutions by being proactive, opposed to vicious prosecution resulting in mass incarceration. The U.S. criminal justice system for too long has relied on punishment with little emphasis on restorative justice. This has resulted in tens of million Americans with arrest records, convictions […]

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Harm v. Crime, by Marquette Boone

I’m an original member of T-POCC–The Pantheon of Critical Criminologist. The two following topics was posed to T-POCC members to give our opinion on. I gave the following: ______________________ Well, many tmes we can harm someone innoceently and not really mean any disdain or criminal intent. Yet it’s […]

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Introduction Blog, by Marquette Boone

My name is Marquette Boone. I’m presently incarcerated at Southeastern Correctional Instittion. Well, a little about me. I’m a man of many talents… Thus I’ve worked locally and nationally as an activist, community organizer. Currently while incarcerated, I’m the president of Voices on the Hill Gavel Club an […]

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