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Happy Birthday Son, by Mark Brown

Early July 2020 Once again – another birthday missed due to being in Prison. My son just turned thirteen. He has now experienced three quarters of his life without me. When I dwell on that, the ache in my heart cannot be described. He does not know who […]

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It Was Wrong, by Mark Brown

Time ticks by slowly. My daughter just turned 20 yrs. last month. I have not seen her since she was ten. I broke laws of society and now I am spending time in a federal prison. I downloaded pornography and then dived deeper and deeper into an ocean of scum.Am I bitter? […]

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The Captain, by Mark Brown

Why am I here? This  is my message in a bottle thrown into the sea of postings hoping and praying that someone somewhere takes notice. My only hope of salvaging this shipwreck is by picking up, piece-by-piece, fragments of the lessons learned, and by putting these fragments together, perhaps to help me and others understand how or why I […]

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