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Hermeneutics (S.1.1), by Mark Blain

(Session 1.1 — Hereafter “S.1.1” and “S.1.2” and so forth, as the course progresses, til it culminates in an ending of each Session and ultimately the course itself). (S.1.1) Title: “How To Know What the Bible Means By What It Says” Pre-Session Reading Assignments: * “How To Know […]

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“The Ripple Effect” by Mark Blain

It isn’t something most of us are aware of. In fact, one could posit that our thoughts, actions, inactions, words, mannerisms, emotions, trajectory eyeing, etc., (just plain old ordinary, everyday LIVING, to us) all play intricate and incredibly complex roles relative to the “Ripple Effect,” and we are […]

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Introducing Mark Blain

Greetings to all of you who care, and are interested in the topics we share. My name is Mark Blain. I am 56. I was locked up in July of 1982, in Newport News, VA, for murder, robbery and firearm’s charges. I plead guilty and was sentenced to […]

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