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By Marcus Altheimer #832707 A.k.a ‘Mindful’ I’ve grew to the point of recognizing, pen pointing and correcting certain mentalities which lead me to a lot of issues I unnecessarily experienced earlier in life. I’m working on making correct changes in my thinking/ behavior. Ultimately transcending me into a […]

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The Power To Persevere

By Marcus Altheimer A.k.a ‘Mindful’ Let me first start with a poem By Tupac: When your hero falls from grace all fairy tales R uncovered, myths exposed, pain magnified and the greatest pain discovered. U taught me 2 B strong but I’m confused 2 C U so weak, […]

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————————————————– Loss. Who hasnt experienced loss in some form or fashion in their life. Its apart of life and if taken in stride, has the ability to make us stronger from the experience, a lesson to learn an improve upon. All thats easy to say until the loss […]

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