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Family Values, by Leslie Harris

What i fight 4 was mines to begin with at birth..Why’d anyone oppose my reach 4 ownership?When our ancestor cry, be willin 2 die 4 its worth! Therefore idefy any snap of the whip,nuthin has ever been given 2 the humble.But the harsher blowes after the turn of […]

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A Broken Heart-by Leslie Harris

I wasnt told that I would basically be dead to the world on the streets…I wasnt told about them not sendin me any money,letters,pictures.I wasnt told that my homies would be out there nailin my woman as she began to turn her back on me ,along with the […]

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Introducing Leslie Harris

Leslie Harris,Im 29 years old..I came to Jail 2009..I go up for prorole 2025.My release date is 2030..I love all type of sports..I love to workout on my free time and read alot…I love to gave all my thanks and praises to god,because without him i wouldnt of […]

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