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“I COULD DIE” by keon lewis

when u live by the sword, u die by the sword,I could die from mistaken identity, I could die cause I had a empty gun,die cause the door was open,it wasn’t locked, die cause the gun was broken it wouldn’t pop,I could from AIDS tricking out of town […]

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I wanna know how it feels to be married to a loyal woman, that doesn’t mind falling in love with a inmate/prisoner, some women loose the opportunity of finding a good man because instead of taking the chance to open they’re hearts,they are blinded by the stereotypes like […]

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Introducing Keon Lewis

hi my name is Keon Lewis #489829-c northern state prison p.o. box 2300 Newark nj 07114 ..I am 33yr old my bday is DEC 23rd 1984, I’ve been incarcerated since October 2014 I was originally charged with felony murder, my case was a high profile case”Craig list murderer” […]

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