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RELEASE US, by Kenya Hill

During State lockdowns in Florida prisons due to the pandemic, we have consistently received e-mails from Mr. Mark Inch, Secretary of Florida Department of Corrections encouraging us to FIND HOPE and FIND MEANING. The masculinity of these messages can be felt, not really meant for an audience of […]

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There aren’t any adequate words to describe the pain African-American have felt at the hands of racism since the moment our ancestors stepped off the slave ship less than 150 years ago. Throughout every generation, torturous, inhuman experiences and abuses have engulfed us as a result of racism: […]

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Introduction Blog, by Kenya Hill

My name is Kenya Hill. I am a 43 year old mother of six children who are the reason I choose positivity and life with every God-given day I’m given to feel their love, surround them with my love, and encourage each other. They are truly my reason. […]

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