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C.R.C., by Keith Bond Jr.

Sorrow in the flames of a infant mind . Chain to the womb of a gifted lie . Mistaken by the loved of false pride. Knowing your creation was a gimmick to time. As they lay entwined lustful passion marked the sheets. Unknown to the trouble that’s set […]

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by Keith Bond Jr.

left over skin sheds down the halls I walk… look into the eyes of a innocent soul, with foolish thoughts. is it uncommon or far most ….. pleasently I awake to learn from there shallow thoughts … rekindle YU might say… shallow in the shade of display…. unaware […]

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Introducing Keith Bond Jr.

my name is keith bond jr #537103. my authir name is “The Painter”. I got arrested in 05″. I was sentence November of next year. My current release date ts 2028 which is a data error. Because October8,2026 is my out but it can change. ireally enjoy expressing […]

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