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Poetry by Kareem Shabazz

Plantation toil, Penitentiary moil, When slavery ends The Prison Industrial Complex begins. Check your history 1863 to the 21st century Wanton misery, no mystery.. statistics quite frightening, Fraught with disparity… African Americans constitute 12 percent of the nation, 50 percent of the prison population, That’s mass incarceration, modern […]

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LOVE OF MY Kareem Shabazz

She’s the love of my life, she’s the air i breathe.. She’s more than average, and no she’s not my wife, Just a important part.. She listen and always spreak her mind, She’s polite and sometimes kind.. She has manners and does everything she set her mind out […]

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Introducing Kareem Shabazz

My name is Kareem Ali Shabazz, better known and named after the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali!! Kareem Abdul Jabbar NBA’s all time leading scorer. By a lot! His superpower; The skyhook! A seven -foot two guy reaching up 11 feet and dropping the ball in […]

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