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cookie day by Justin Oliver

so today is kiros cookie day, also known as the most glorious day in the institutional setting. ya see, kiros cookie day is the day where the ever loving administration, in all their infinite wisdom, allow a local Christian group (who go by the tag line “kiros”,) to […]

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training day by Justin Oliver

so I just started the new job I’ve been “kiting” for for the last five months. now if you don’t know what “kites” are, there basically the official way inmates have to correspond with the diffrent departments here at the institution. there like letters you can send to […]

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trademarks are stupid by Justin Oliver

so, apparently “Tomorrowland” is already trademarked. that, and every single word closely followed by “.com”. what has happened to the world? anywho, I figure I should probably get in on this whole “trademarking” business while the gettings good. oh ,that’s a good one: the term “while the gettings […]

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