Category: Joseph Young

Purpose, by Joseph Young

Frequently confused Selfishly abused in search of Born with it still has to be discovered Not smothered with excuses Portion by portion every pint of contributions count helpings hands recieves an adequate amounts the search continues The trip my have its bumps and grooves following the yellow brick […]

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LIFE, by Joseph Young

The composer The author thanks to the Father None ought to Make attempts of my departure many ways I could many days I can Tragedies in major ways I withstand With hands I bare ways to edit Call the medic if I let it burst For what its […]

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THE FALL, by Joseph Young

How does one start? Compared to the heart None are equal One story no sequel no part two All in Parcial particles nor Single molecules Will suffice Its revolting engulfing If Strength is absent Transparency Arrives Pure beauty Arise Organic A clone wont survive The cyclone of this […]

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