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by John Hudson

Hello , Well I turned 33 today! Some b-day huh? It was kinda depressing for real! I slept all day so I didn’t have to think about the fact that I’ve lost another year that I’ll NEVER get back! I may never get it back but I can […]

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A Poem, by John Hudson

Just a little poem I wrote last night while locked in my cell and was lost in thought! They tried to discourage me from writing music because they see the positive impact it has on people so they took away all my recording devices, instruments, and expelled me […]

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HOLD ON, by John Hudson

G’mornin World, Welcome to my first official blog! i would like to start off by saying thanks for taking the time out to read this! If not for Mrs. Suzie Jennings this would not be possible so in any way we can help it would be greatly appreciated!! […]

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