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History by John Higgins

today is the twentieth of March, and its a gloomy rainy day here in Ohio.but fear not, no matter the color of the clouds the sun will shine bright tonight at 8 o clock.we have been waiting to truly laugh for twenty years.yes, its back.Roseanne is here to […]

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why by John Higgins

why is it after all this time do I still get that biting earge to get high.its not a daily thing, it comes from no where and hits me like a truck.I could be sitting here watching Ellen then the next thing I know I’m thinking and dope.then […]

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Introduction by John Higgins

I believe things happen for a reason and this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better thank you and to all those who are with name is john higgins , I’m 33 ,and I was born and raised in a small village called lakemore right outside […]

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