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YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Protecting America Through Experiments On Prisoners, by Jesse Stinson

Throughout the history of the United States there have been those who have through their Office, or as scientist taking it upon themeselves, or even those random individuals loosely tied to governments, who have been tasked with finding new and inventive ways to protect our way of life […]

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NOT SO COMMON, by Jesse M. Stinson

ARTICLE 3. The American Legal Justice system was built on a common need for the protection of it people and there interest. The Constitution demanded that all of the newly United States follow along, Setting the standard emphasising to all that the Common Law can NOT be abrogated. […]

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by Jesse Stinson

Part 1 Article 1. dear sunne I’ll start this message off in peace and greet you in the language of my Arabic brothers as-salaamu alakum. My name is JESSE MAURICE STINSON. I am 3300 years of age. It is difficult for me in our current society to relay […]

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